OpenXT 7.0 Hardware Testing

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This page is to capture results from testing the 7.0 release on specific hardware platforms. Though OpenXT does not have an official HCL, the information here is a useful first step and helpful for people new to OpenXT. In general, for OpenXT to be fully functional, it currently needs to be run on an Intel vPro platform.

As 7.0 is tested on different hardware, please list the results in the table below. It would be impossible to have a column for every possible configuration, test or result; use the Notes column for extended information like this.

Column Definitions

GEN - Intel CPU architecture generation: SNB (Sandy Bridge), IVB (Ivy Bridge), HSW (Haswell), BDW (Broadwell), SKL (Sky Lake), KBL (Kaby Lake)

FF - form factor: L (laptop), D (desktop), W (workstation), T (Tablet)

FW - firmware or BIOS version number

VER - OpenXT version

INST - install which also implies working networking/NDVM (all interfaces) and UIVM functionality

TPM - 1.2, 2.0 or Intel PTT

ML -  measured launch.  Also can reseal from a rootfs change (touch /test.txt) & BIOS configuration change.  Indicate whether hardware is using TPM 1.2, TPM 2.0 or Intel PTT (firmware TPM).

ML/FS -  forward seal (pre-compute PCRs) after upgrade

ML/S3 -  sleep and resume with measured launch configured

UPG -  upgrade to 7.0.0 from 6.0.1

HVM (OS) -  installed, ran and installed tools in an HVM guest (note OS).

AUD -  audio playback & recording from within HVM guest.

PT -  PCI PT of GPU/USB controller on Desktop/Workstation model.

Notes:  laptop docks, touchscreen, laptop hotkeys (e.g. screen brightness), ports (display VGA/DP/HDMI, audio, smartcard reader)

Test Results




HPEliteDesk 800 G2SKLDN01 ver 02.20OXT7.0.0b1100YTPM 1.2Y

DellLatitude E7470SKLL1.17.5OXT7.0.0b1100
TPM 1.2Y

DellPrecision Tower 3420SKLD2.3.5OXT7.0.0b1100YTPM 2.0Y

S3 host failed: OXT-1092 and OXT-1093

S3 guests Y


DellLatitude 7480KBLL1.4.6OXT7.0.0b1100YTPM 2.0Y

HPFolio 9470mIVBL

TPM 1.2


TPM 2.0