QEMU 2.6.2 Uprev Testing

This page is for tracking issues seen with the QEMU uprev while it is still in the development phase. I will try to keep the latest custom build with QEMU 2.6.2 bits link here:


The mailing list thread is here:


November 1st 2016:

QEMU is stable enough on custom-dev-199-master to start logging tickets under Epic OXT-765 - Getting issue details... STATUS

State of Affairs 10/25:

This is what seems to be working as of now, the table below will track further issues that are found.

  1. Installed Windows 7 VMs from an ISO file with and without stubdoms.
  2. Starting, shutdown and reboot work, have not tried S3/S4.
  3. Everything is fine with SELinux in enforcing mode with no changes to the policy (amazing!!).
  4. Tools install in VMs with and without stubdoms.
  5. Input is working now, both with tools and without tools (implying xenmou is working).
  6. No graphics issues seen.
  7. Audio is working w/ and w/o stubdoms.
  8. No devices listed in Device Manager that are in a bad state.

Note: you currently need to up the stubdom memory setting manually doing:

$ xec-vm -n <vm> set stubdom-memory 128

List of guests installed

Windows 7 x64 from isow/ and w/oinstallation OK
Debian jessie x64 from PXEw/installation OK
Ubuntu 16.10 x64 from isow/

installation KO OXT-791 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Debian jessie x64 from PXE

Ubuntu 16.10 x64 from iso


Report issues seen here.


The ACPI PM feature that reports battery information etc. is broken.

R: Not only is the information it reports incorrect, it also causes excessive CPU usage in xenstored, stubdoms and guest.

R: This does not seem to be related to 2.6.2 - OXT-793 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RossPCI pass-through will not work correctly at the moment.

R: Not until this is fixed: OXT-774 - Getting issue details... STATUS