OpenXT 8.0 Measurement test



  1. Boot OpenXT installer;
  2. Follow the installation steps, if an existing OpenXT installation is detected choose "Erase and Install";
  3. When asked to configure "OpenXT Measured Launch", answer "Yes";
  4. (Optional) When asked to "Enable external SSH access", answer "Yes";
  5. When prompted "Installation succeeded", accept and reboot in OpenXT;
  6. Success:
    1. Platform reboots to OpenXT UIVM;
    2. At the bottom-right corner, the "XT shield" is green.

OTA upgrade

  1. Focus UIVM (Ctrl+0)
  2. Open "Settings" window from the top-right corner;
  3. Open "Software Update" tab;
  4. Fill the "Update Software" field with the URL of the upgrade hit the "Check for Update" button next to it;
  5. Should an update be available, choose "Download" on the next pop-up window;
  6. Once the update download is complete, use the "Power" button to "Restart" the platform;
  7. Success:
    1. OpenXT update is installed;
    2. OpenXT reboots to UIVM;
    3. Measurement did not break at reboot;
    4. At the bottom-right corner, the "XT shield" is green.
    5. file /boot/system/tpm/formward_pcr.lst exists and match the PCRs values.

Test table

OpenXT 8.0

InstallOTA upgradeInstallOTA upgrade
1600Dell Latitude E7450A171.2

1601Dell Latitude E7450A171.2

1601Dell Latitude E74900.5.12.0
ML fail
ML fail
1601Dell Optiplex 70501.8.22.0
ML fail

1607Dell Latitude E74900.5.12.0
Black screen
Black screen
1607Dell Optiplex 70501.8.22.0
ML fail
1607Dell Latitude E7450A171.2

1607HP Elitebook 850 G201.261.2

1607HP EliteDesk 800 G102.711.2

1607HP EliteDesk 800 G22.302.0
ML failInitial seal failed.

1610Dell Latitude E7450A171.2

1610Dell Latitude E74900.5.12.0

1610Dell Optiplex 70501.8.22.0

1610HP Elitebook 850 G201.261.2

1610HP EliteDesk 800 G102.711.2

1610HP EliteDesk 800 G22.302.0

1617Dell Latitude E74701.19.42.0

1624Dell Latitude E7450A171.2

1624Dell Latitude E74901.4.12.0
Black screen
(Legacy related?)

1624Dell Optiplex 70501.8.22.0

1624Dell Latitude E74801.10.12.0

1624HP EliteDesk 800 G102.711.2

1624HP Elitebook 850 G201.261.2

1624HP EliteDesk 800 G22.302.0

ML unseal failed.

1630Dell Latitude E7450A17/A191.2

1630Dell Latitude E74701.19.42.0

1630Dell Latitude E74801.10.12.0

1630HP EliteDesk 800 G102.751.2

1642Dell Latitude E7450A17/A191.2

1642Dell Latitude E74701.19.42.0

1642Dell Latitude E74801.10.12.0

1642Dell Optiplex 70501.8.22.0

1642HP EliteDesk 800 G102.751.2

1642HP Elitebook 850 G201.261.2

1642HP EliteDesk 800 G22.302.0

1644Dell Latitude E7450A17/A191.2

1644Dell Latitude E74701.19.42.0

1644Dell Latitude E74801.10.12.0

1644Dell Latitude E74901.4.12.0

1644Dell Optiplex 70501.8.22.0

1644HP EliteDesk 800 G102.751.2

1644HP Elitebook 850 G201.261.2

1720Dell Latitude E7450A171.2

1720Dell Optiplex 70501.10.22.0

1720Dell Latitude E74801.5.12.0

1720HP EliteDesk 800 G102.751.2

1720HP EliteDesk 800 G32.222.0

1775Dell Latitude E7450A171.2

1775Dell Latitude E74701.20.32.0

1775Dell Latitude E74901.6.12.0

1775Dell Optiplex 70501.10.22.0

1775Dell Optiplex 70601.2.172.0

1775HP EliteDesk 800 G102.751.2

1775HP EliteDesk 800 G32.222.0