2018-11-08 OpenXT F2F Technical Meeting

This page contains agenda topics, related references, links to presentations, and minutes.

1.  AIS Redfield Roadmap - Brendan Kerrigan, Chris Patterson, Rich Turner

  • slides:  
  • Historical precedent: OpenXCI (2014)

2.  OpenXT 8.1 Roadmap - Chris Rogers

  • slides:  
  • possible option: make this OpenXT 9.0, based on master, branched to stable-9 in early 2019

3.  Freeboard Mobility Use Cases: Android on OpenXT - Jafar Al-Gharaibeh

4.  Landscape: Xen Automotive, Intel ACRN, Silicon Exclusivity (SGX), AWS Nitro hypervisor, Microsoft SystemGuard, Microsoft 365 DaaS, Supply Chain Integrity, Reproducible Builds - Rich Persaud

  • Stakeholder interest in BSD-licensed codebases
  • Functional Safety certification driving architectures similar to OpenXT security architecture
  • Fragmentation of hypervisor talent pool
  • Business model changes (endpoint licensing vs. service subscriptions) aligned with device trust and end-to-end attestation

5.  Xen: nested virtualization, L1TF mitigation (core scheduling) performance - Tamas Lengyel

  • Performance impact of disabling hyper-threading is workload and machine dependent
  • Upstream Xen support for nesting is dependent on Intel hardware generation (broken on Skylake forward)
  • Hyper-V exits in orderly fashion when nested under Xen, unclear if due to missing functionality.  No change with CPUID.

6.  Nested Virtualization: L0/L1 Xen, Bromium uXen, IBM UltraVisor, IBM/RedHat KVM  Daniel Smith

7.  Xen: Argo/v4v Hypervisor-Mediated Communication, Nesting, EPT, XSM - Christopher Clark