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  • On the XE3 with a USB PCIe card and a nVidia M2000 GPU, experienced multiple reboots after installation of OpenXT.  It appeared to reboot 3-4 times before the UIVM actually came up, however the first boot after install did show that it properly sealed in the blue screen.  They were full reboots, showing the Dell Bios logo.
  • On the Dell 7490, the box appeared to reboot two times.  There is a question as to whether the Seal screen was seen.
  • On the XE3, there was a state where the guest would not shutdown from the UIVM.  This was found during the bug issue OXT-1569, so I am assuming that the shutdown command was being issued to the wrong domain id.
  • Installing UEFI can be tricky, as it first opts to PXE boot.  You must hit c to go to the command prompt, type exit, then go to the UEFI firmware to continue boot to other devices, such as the qemu emulated CD rom.  This method might cause OXT-1569, as it almost seems to do a soft reset.
  • Hot plugging monitors caused issues, but more investigation would need to be done.
  • Can install guest tools on Windows 10 (legacy bios) without installing developer.cer.  There will be multiple popups warning of untrusted drivers, but clicking OK on each will allow installation to continue.  Installing developer.cer as per the wiki instructions makes installation smoother.
  • Possible ticket: Windows 10, 1809 Latitude 7490.  USB mouse periodically stops tracking.  Right and left click still function, but cursor will not move.  Mouse continues to move in UIVM, and trackpad continues to work.  Happens frequently but can't repo on purpose
  • Possible ticket: Windows 10, 1809: Ctrl+number switching stops opening the guest VM.  DomID for guest will be different from that reported when attempting to ctrl switch.
  • HP results mostly inconclusive due to to 
    serverSystem JIRA