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Write documentation for Argo for Xen, OpenXT and uXen (as Argo is integrated) - requested by upstream Xen community and will assist development and adoption.

reference notes from inspecting the Xen docs build process:

The older part of Xen’s build uses a tool called pandoc to transform the documentation source in the Xen repository into the documentation output material. pandoc is written in Haskell - instructions from building from source are included on this page:
and the reference page for the package is here:
Note that meta-virtualization doesn’t have the Haskell compiler, etc. available, either within its own layer or the set of layers that it requires as dependencies.

Fortunately the source format for the Xen docs is clear and human-readable, and binaries for pandoc are available on the above page or via distro repositories.

The newer documentation build that Xen has uses sphinx and producing those docs does not require pandoc.
See: sphinx-html build target to build the newer “read the docs” style of Xen documentation

make -C docs sphinx-html

(eg. )

sphinx itself has the following dependencies which need to be available:

install_requires = [

Once all the above are made available (and their dependencies) as native packages for OE, it is possible to build the sphinx documentation within a meta-virtualization devshell, with the make command above.

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